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Operation cautions for Pellet mill


Operation cautions for Pellet mill
Pellet mill is the key equipment for feed production enterprises, the running condition of the pellet mill will be related with the enterprises' economic benefit. So it will be very important to operate the pellet mill right.
First of all, the operator should be careful and responsible, he should strictly follow the pellet mill operating procedures, the start and stop should base on the manual.
1.Keep the steam dry, 0.3-0.4kg pressure into the conditioner
2.Adjust the distance between mould and roller, usually it is 0.2mm-0.5mm, the ring die can slightly drive the roller rotate, so make it not too tight or loose, too tight will reduce the work life of ring die, too loose will make the roller slip.
3.The moisture of raw material required to be 12%-15%, after conditioning it will be 14%-14.5%, the feed must be evenly.
4.The currency should be controlled based on the regulated load, over-load production long time is not allowed, it will be the main reason to damage the machine
5.Watch the Current fluctuations of pellet mill during production, stop and check in time when find something unusual
6.The driven box need to change the oil after working 500hours when the new machine put into production, after that change the oil every 3-6month according to the production. Use 68#machine oil or100#-120# industrial gear oil
7.If there is block in pellet mill, adjust the roller loose, do not start again until the inside of the ring die is cleaned. Any force start when the machine is blocked is forbidden, do not use the pipe wrench to pull the gear shaft. Added the lubrication oil to roller every 2hours when the pellet mill in normal running.
8.Check the wear parts condition of pellet mill often to avoid the breakdown of machine and the crack of ring die.


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