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Service life of ring die is short?How long will it last?


The accessories of any equipment have a life, the normal operation of equipment can bring us benefits, so we need daily maintenance. So how long is the service life of the ring dies of feed pellet machine and biomass pellet machine? How to maintain?
Quality is also divided into good and general of the ring die of feed pellet machine and biomass pellet machine. The service life of the feed pellet machine is usually calculated by the weight of the processed material, of general quality is around 3000 tons, that means that the ring die of general quality will be useless basically after pellet machine producing 3000 tons of pellets; of best quality is around 7000 tons. As to biomass pellet machine, the service life of general quality is around 1000 tons, of good quality is about 3000 tons.
So the price will be always adequate to the quality, the price of equipment is high for a certain reason. Secondly, the service life depends on the degree of use and maintenance. Usually pay attention to the maintenance of pellet machine ring die can extend the life:
1.Find a manufacturer with professional production technology, design and customize different ring dies according to different raw materials and practical application, in order to make full use of the ring dies.
2.The space between the roller and ring die must be controlled between 0.1 ~ 0.3mm (the space between the biomass pellet machine roller and ring die must be controlled between 1~3mm), do not let the eccentric roller contact the surface of the ring die or the space of one side too large, avoid cause abrasion of ring die and roller.
3.When the pellet machine starts, feeding must be from low speed to high speed, do not run at high speed at first, cause damage to the ring die and pellet machine due to sudden overload or ring die plugging.
Maintenance for pellet machine ring die:
1.When the ring die is not used, extrude the residual raw materials, in case the ring die heat make the residual in the die hole to be dried and hard, resulting in no material or ring die cracking.
2.Check the inner surface of the ring die for local protrusions after a period of use. If so, wear off the convex part, to ensure ring die the capacity and the service life of the ring die and roller.
3.When loading and unloading ring die, don’t use hammer and other hard tools to hammer the ring die surface.
4. The ring die must be kept in a dry and clean place. If it is kept in a damp place, it will corrode the hole and reduce the service life of the ring die.
The above is our company's experience of maintenance for ring die based on many years production and use, hope it will be helpful for customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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