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Hammer mill of feed machinery often blocked. How to do?


Clogging is one of the common faults in the use of the hammer mill. In many cases, when we use the hammer mill, there will be clogging of the powder materials. The reason for this kind of fault is mainly due to improper operation. If your material often blocking from the beginning, and with a period of time using, it is not blocked. It may be the new equipment is not smooth enough in the running-in period, after a period of time it becomes smooth and not blockage and the material is also smoothly to come out. There were so many times, improper operation can also cause this failure, we will give you an analysis of the general reasons and solutions in the following
First, check whether the feeding speed is too fast. If too fast,it will make the hammer mill fan plug; Improper matching with conveying equipment will cause the outlet pipe to be blocked after wind weakens or there is no wind. At this time, we should adjust the amount of feed to make the equipment run normally. Otherwise, the increase of equipment load will cause blockage. In our feeding process of hammer mill, we should always pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection Angle. if more than the rated current, it indicates that the motor overload. If overload for a long time, it will burn our hammer mill motor. In this case,we should immediately reduce or close the material door, and we can also change the way of feeding, by increasing the screw feeder of bucket elevator to control the amount of feed.The user shall select the appropriate screw feeder of bucket elevator according to the actual situation. Because the rotation speed of the hammer mill is high, the load is large, and the load fluctuation is strong, when the hammer mill works, the current is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current and try not to overload of our motors.
Second, the discharging pipe is not smooth or blocked. Most often we shut down hammer mill once we can not hear the sound of corn grinding, this is wrong. You should let the crusher idle for a few minutes, waiting all the materials in the material pipeline enter the mixing tank and then turn off the crusher. Otherwise, the residual materials will sometimes get wet and agglomerate after a few days, it will causes blocking of hammer mill.
Third, the hammer slice is broken, and the wear is severe, the hammer screen hole is closed to block and the broken, the water content of the crushed material is too high, which will block the hammer mill. The broken and severely aged hammer slices should be regularly replace to keep the hammer mill in good working condition, and the hammer screen should be inspected regularly. The moisture content of the material for grinding should be lower than 14%, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also prevent the hammer mill from being blocked to enhance the reliability of the work of the hammer mill. At the peak of production, please reduce the feeding speed to ensure that the motor does not burn and the equipment does not block the material.


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